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Don’t spin! Maddison posts teasing photo of Trent ask replay

Don’t spin! Maddison posts teasing photo of Trent asking for a replay.

  • James Maddison posts teasing photo of Trent Alexander-Arnold While holding the England national team
  • The game was marred by a dramatic incident, especially VAR due to Luis Diaz’s offside goal.
  • PGMOL issued an apology and admitted that the referee team made a mistake.

It was quite colorful when James Maddison, a playmaker for Tottenham Hotspur, post a photo. While he was in the England national team and teas Trent Alexander-Arnold. Liverpool ‘s right-hand man

The game had a dramatic incident, especially VAR, from the moment.

When Mohamed Salah passed the ball to Luis Diaz. Who slipped in and shot into the goal. before the offside flag was raised. But when looking at the slow picture, the Colombian offensive line was even on the line.

The Professional Football Refereeing Committee (PGMOL) then apologized and admitted. That the refereeing team had made a mistake, with Jurgen Klopp calling for a rematch. But I know that there is no possibility.

Recently, Maddison caught on with the trend by posting a picture of himself with Alexander-Arnold along with writing a teasing caption saying “Still requesting a rematch” with snoring, crying and heart emojis.

For the English national team There is a program to meet with the Australian national team. In a friendly game this Friday. Before meeting the Italian national team in the Euro 2024 qualifying round on Tuesday night.