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Giovanni Reina has suffered a more severe injury

Giovanni Reina has suffered a more severe injury that has left Dortmund coach Marco Rose hopeful the 18-year-old will return to action before the end of the year.

Borussia Dortmund coach Marco Rose has admitted he doesn’t know when Giovanni Reina will be fit but the 45-year-old hopes the American will return. Come to play again within this year, according to a report from ‘ ufabet ‘ on Friday. 

Reyna, an 18-year-old midfielder, suffered a hamstring injury while playing for the United States in September. He is expected to be out for about a month, but two months have passed. But he does not have a specific timeframe on when he will be back on the football field, and Rosé expects to see the players. Come back to play again this year. 

‘It’s gradually getting better. The injury was slightly more severe than we expected. It is impossible for me to predict when he will return to training. But we hope he can play again this year’. The 45-year-old said of the young Gio. 

Reina has had an impressive start to the season after scoring two goals in five appearances for the Reds. Before the player was injured from playing with the Yankees, Dortmund were also missing many players. Including Erling Haaland, Mahmoud Daoud, Rafael Guerre. Liro, Nico Schulz, Meteu Morey, Marius Wolf and Emre Can, with Roser expecting some players to recover after this month’s international programme.