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Manchester United drop plan to sign Eduardo Camavinka

Manchester United drop plan to sign Eduardo Camavinka. Manchester United are likely to drop plans to sign Rennes midfielder Eduardo Camavinka as they believe the player would prefer to play in Spain.

         “Red Devils” have continued news with the 18-year-old midfielder, with the past several media outlets reported that the “Red Devils” contacted the player to pull him into the nest. The report claims that the fee will be between 25-30 million euros, although Rennes wants 60 million euros.

         Still believe that the team of the league. Ing will ultimately agree to lower his fee as the player currently has a contract with the team until 2022. 

         Earlier, the Manchester Evening News reported that Manchester United did not view Gamavinka as a top choice to reinforce their squad after Jadon Sancho joined the club. at the back more

         Recently, The Telegraph revealed that Manchester United may have dropped their plans to bring Gamavinka to the team. As they believe the player wants to move to Spain, with both Barcelona and Real Madrid interested. Such as together, especially the latter that has been in the news all along.

         Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain League rivals are another team. That is closely monitoring the situation and is ready to make an offer to join the team as well.