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Solskjaer sees Anthony Martial as a senior player

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sees Anthony Martial as a senior player with experience helping the young attacking line.

         The 25-year-old forward is seen in a difficult position with the arrival of Jadon Sancho. Which could mean his place in the squad could be reduced to a substitute. There is also a trend about moving the team out continuously. After last year, the results were disappointing, with only seven goals in 37 games.

         However, in Solskjaer’s view, Martial is a senior player for a team full of younger attacking players.

         “It shows our fans that we are serious,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports after being asked about Jadon Sancho.

         “We hope we have one of the best strikers in England in the next 10, 12 years, we have Marcus – 23, we have Mason who is a young player.”

         “So we have the core of England and we’ve filled it with experienced players like Edinson, Anthony, Bruno, Jesse are back, so I think attacking is very good.”