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Three rounds of guns, Palace ask for Eddie Nketiah.

Arsenal have turned down Crystal Palace’s offer for the third time for Eddie Nketiah. The 22-year-old forward is set to become a free agent at the end of the season. Because the current contract will expire in June. Although the North London club try to continue the new edition. But it see that the players refuse.

The main reason Eddie Nketiah reluctance to sign a new contract. Comes from a lack of playing time with Mikel Arteta. Who the Englishman now has the right to negotiate in advance with a foreign club.

Still Sky Sports said Palace were hoping UFABET to bring Nketiah to this month. But the Gunners turn down a third offer from the Eagles.

By the way, Patrick Vieira’s Palace express a strong desire for the 22-year-old forward to join the team. But was reject by Arsenal.

Back last summer, Palace made an offer to sign Nketiah. But it was unsuccessful before returning to file again in early January. But still not finish including the last time that was rounded back again.

Palace have until Monday before the transfer window close whether to make a fourth proposal. Or to negotiate a transfer for the player this summer.

Play style.

Nketiah is outstanding in terms of pace. movement and finishing His style of play was compared to former Arsenal player Ian Wright and in August 2019 Nketiah described Wright as his “mentor” 

His style of play has also been compared to Jermain Defoe in his moves to break off offside traps and to shoot sharp goals from all. in front of the target or a wide striker He described his style of play as: ‘I am a brave striker. I like to put myself in places where there are chances of falling.